Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, KS Concept Joomla Template is our first released template, and we proudly decide to release it for free, even though it has lots of advanced features. But we plan to improve upon this template and our next Joomla Templates are going to be released as Premium.

Yes, you can, but we would highly appreciate it if you keep it. 

All the images that we have used to build our demos can be found on and they can be reused for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Yes, besides the Joomla Template, you will get access to our complimentary modules as well and they keep the same high standard as our template does.

Short answer: Super-Fast. Long answer: We use the Bootstrap framework for both our template and for the complimentary modules. Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework in the world, in fact, it is the same framework that Joomla itself uses. On another hand, we have 15+ years coding experience, so you can be sure our codes are as professional as it gets. 

Yes, of course. We offer support for our Free Joomla Template, and also we will offer more in-dept and personalized support for our future Joomla Templates

Yes, we recommend that you use our Sample Data package in case you are starting your project from scratch. It will help you get going much faster since our template, our modules, and everything else are already configured. Of course, you may just install our template and our complimentary modules if you have already a running site.

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